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Material Menu is bigger than I see in the menu-how do I scroll to all in it?

(M Aria) #1

Want to pick a material, the material list is longer than I see, how can I scroll through the whole list, so that I can reach the material I'm looking for?
I didn't succeed, tried with arrow down - what is the right way to reach all materials in my menu?


(Dark Minaz) #2

scroll wheel on the mouse is the way i do it

(M Aria) #3

Thanks I will try. Work on tablet, there's no mousewheel on it.


Technically, the editor isn't supported on tablet/mobile :confused:

(M Aria) #5

Thanks, didn't know. By the way, the scrolling with mouse (who is still part of the pc) didn't bring what I wanted: getting on the material.
There must be something else, because on pc the rendered scene shows falling snow and the particle has it's own material, which isn't shown in my scene.

(M Aria) #6

Didn't work out until now.