Material not rendering

(Ivanix88) #1

Hi! I wanted to ask about a weird behaviour I have on my latest model:

Da Vinci's Armoured Vehicle - 3D model by Ivanix88 (@Ivanix88) - Sketchfab

The thing is that some of my faces are not being correctly rendered, and appear just black.

But in the model inspector, every texture and channel appears in the right place.

The normals of the faces are also fine in the model inspector. The model imports correctly in other programs such as Blender or Marmoset.

What could be the issue? Thank you!

Edit: Solved with a workaround. The issue came from the normal input of the material, which messed it up for whatever the reason (even with a bump map instead of a normal map). A second material for those faces with the normals disabled “solved” it. However, I remain curious about what’s the problem, as it only shows on Sketchfab.