Material Problem


(Lion Sin) #1

Hi guys I'm having a problem with the materials in blender when i upload to sketch fab, the materials simply arent showing it's still all grey someone could tell me what's the problem is?

(Elbriga) #2

Hi @Lion_Sin do you have a link to the model and maybe the source file? you have to pack textures inside the blend file for them to show up on sketchfab, or you will have to import them again. (File -> external data -> automatically pack into .blend file)
Keep in mind that Sketchfab and Cycles are different engines so you will always have to tweak things a little to achieve the desired look in Sketchfab.

(Lion Sin) #3

@elbriga I'm not using any textures i just changed the material (actually dont know if material is also a texture i'm still a newbie XD), but i tried and didnt work. i'm using blender render instead of cycles maybe that could be the problem?

if want to check it out as i said i packged the texture on the blend file so you should have no problem to see if you download

(Elbriga) #4

I see, well you have to understand that blender internal, cycles, and sketchfab don't work at all in the same way. If you use cycles, Sketchfab will try to adapt the materials, but Blender internal is not suported, the simpler solution in many cases is to setup your materials directly in Sketchfab, especially if you're not used to how the engines work. For this model it shouldn't be too hard, if you go to the materials tab you should see your different materials and you can set a diffuse color etc.(here it is with shadeless lighting):

Also note that freestyle outlines won't translate to Sketchfab as well.
once you're getting the hang of it you can check out this Art Spotlight to create outlines in Sketchfab:

(Shaderbytes) #5

@elbriga you are mistaken , blender internal is supported :wink: Using the exporter addon for blender, it will even upload textures as well , no need to pack them. ( textures added to the material itself , not textures loaded in the UV panel )

Anyway yes different platforms require tweaking obviously. It is handy though when some colors and properties and textures are already set.

ps.. blender internals days are numbered anyway .. it is planned to be discontinued.

(Shaderbytes) #6

A material is used to define the shading of a 3d objects faces. A material can use many textures all at once for different properties of the shading setup like diffuse , gloss , normal maps etc.. Textures can be external image files or they can be procedural/generated inside the program.

hope that helps