Material Tab's ONs & OFFs by default

(Hansolocambo) #1

Tell me if I’m wrong but : the percentage of meshes on Sketchfab using bump or normal maps is overwhelmingly higher than the amount of meshes using a displacement map, right ?
I take the liberty of telling you what follows because it’s been annoying me for a while and I can’t imagine I’m the only one : how come that in the Materials Tab, Displacement is always ON by default and NORMAL/BUMP MAP is always OFF ? It’s not a big deal, but I had to do so many clicks to put displacement OFF (not necessary but I kind of like it this way) and turn NORMAL BUMP ON before I could drag and drop a texture in it that I began to seriously wonder if the Material Tab could not not be re-coded to a different “default” of ONs and OFFs to reflect a bit more what people use the most.
Thanks for considering that. “Useless” and repetitive clicks that could be avoided are one of the things that can really spoil a 3D graphist’s life :wink:

Cheers. Hansolocambo.


It’s a good point, I agree with you. I also think the slot should turn on if you drag a texture into it.

Can you not upload your textures with the mesh? It should apply the textures to the correct slots automatically depending on the source file.

(Hansolocambo) #3

Sure, uploading texture in a 7z with the FBX and the materials does the trick. But still, I really think Normal/Bump should be ON by default.
And I wasn’t even thinking about what you wrote " I also think the slot should turn on if you drag a texture into it", but it’s a good point. Definitely agree with that. Maybe if all slots were OFF if no texture was already assigned to them (good naming, proper material library, all exported in a zip, etc, etc) and could turn ON when we drag and drop a texture on them… Dunno. You’re the brains :wink: But it sure could be a bit better. Thing is (but it’s very personnal) when I upload an object without textures : some slots are OFF, others are ON. Always the same ones. And if there’s a logic behind this choice, I can’t figure what it is.

Anyway good luck with all that. Sketchfab is getting better and better. I’m sure this’ll be on the to do list some day.