Material/texture Name in Model Inspector

Hey Sketchfabians

After working with TEAMS for a bit now collaborating with my team on projects we found something we’d like to see.

  1. Model Inspector have the ability to see the name of the material and what texture file is applied. This will allow a viewer to make a comment while going over the scene instead of going into the 3D Settings, finding a mistake and then leaving the 3D Editor and making the comment, and then going back into the 3D editor to continue inspecting the scene.


Hey Travis! I have passed your message on to our Enterprise team - they’ll be in touch.

Coo. Thanks.

We also just thought now, if possible, to change material names in the 3D editor would be nice.

We are very meticulous with naming our materials properly, and if we change the texture of an object, the material name will no longer reflect the correct naming structure.


Those are good suggestions!