Material Tiling


(Maximedup) #1

Can't find any tiling option for the materials. Found a thread from last march that seems to confirm that tiling isn't supported.

Does Sketchfab plan on supporting tiling?



We support S/T Wrap options ( Repeat, Mirror, Clamp ), but no UV options like Tiling, Offset, and Scale. It's something we're considering. Can you tell us more about your use case?

(Maximedup) #3

Just needed some UV tiling for a floor material, but ended up going back to Photoshop and make the tiling there, no big deal.


Got it, thanks for the update.

Offset/tiling might be a first step to animated textures / sprite sheets, but it's not set in the roadmap yet.

(Thierryjabbour) #5

Can we upload UV tiles for a model if my UVs are tiled in several UV spaces? if yes how do we do it? and if not the I have to put all the UVs in one space even if the model is kind of big and detailed?


Do you have an example file? Depending on the file format, we support multiple UVs.