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I have this standard Lambert material on some walls in Maya, both those walls use the same material and normals are the right way what else can cause this behavior? I've tried changing the environment map but nope that's not it.
so if anyone knows please tell me.

Black line thingy
Black line thingy


Your normals are ok, but it's related to face "clockwiseness" / winding order ( @stephomi ? ).

I'm not very familiar with Maya - is there some Flip or Rotate command? Reversing the normals might be enough, too.

However, the quick fix I found is simply to Combine the meshes:

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Hi James and thx for the answer, but how did you get to my model, have I made it available for d/l? That's a complete disaster if I have, this is not for anyone to see, and certainly not for anyone to d/l. Holy shit if I've done that, my employer will sue me, if it gets out. And yeah Maya has options to spin poly edges if that's what you meant.
How did you manage to d/l it, and how can I stop that?



Sorry to scare you. I'm Staff, so I have access to all models. It's not publicly accessible, and I've deleted my copy.


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Phuuu I was so sure that I didn't tick that box that said allow d/l. thx you for telling me right away. :smile:
My employer is going to use this as a means to present a new project at a big meeting.
So preferably I shouldn't even have it viewable for all to see either, but to achieve that I have to go PRO right?


Yep, Pro lets you make it Private/Unlisted.

There's always the referral program for free Pro account time:

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Sweet I didn't know that thx. Will do right away.
Thx James

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Ehh 4 friends have joined now James but I only shows as 3?
Why is that you think? All of them are on my friends list on facebook.


Looks like it worked :smile:

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yep cheers for that

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Hi again James as you can see you solution with combining the walls worked. But what to do about the sliding doors?
Flipping the edges in Maya only pertain to actual visible edges AKA if i split the quad myself into two tris, then I can spin the edge. In Maya all quads have en invisible diagonal edge, but this edge is not editable as far as I know.


Hmm I'm not sure :frowning:

If it works with tris, can you just manually triangulate the model before uploading?

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Nope that didn't work, no difference what so ever.
Just u/l the wall and sliding doors to test.


Note that this is a bit beyond me (maybe @waleguene you can explain better?)

I noticed one of the doors has the channel ScaleZ: -1. I remembered some issue about this and switched it to (+)1, and it fixed the shading problem. I have no idea if/how this will effect your animation, or if it's related to animation at all.

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Okay I'll take look at that. Yeah that's a leftover from the copy procedure.
Thx for pointing that out. I should have frozen the values after the copy, my bad.


Ah I see. Yes, any kind of modifiers, especially copy, mirror, etc should be frozen/applied. I've definitely seen this kind of thing affect shading before.

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thx man you da man :wink:


Awesome :smiley:

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All good now have a look see


Looking good, glad we got that sorted