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Materials and Textures PLEASE HELP!


(Ryanpendarvis) #1

I need help. the problem: I cannot get materials or textures applied to my sketchfab model.
I am using AutoCAD 2018.
Things I have tried: Exporting my model to a 3D DWF with the export materials box checked. All looks good in DWF viewer, materials are there. Upon uploading to sketchfab, no materials are applied.
I have also tried applying materials after uploading using the 3D settings. When I import a texture, it only shows up as a solid color, no images of bricks or wood or glass like it should be. I.e; I uploaded a brick image and it only shows up dark red, no bricks.
I have red countless threads on here and still cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I just want my materials!!! Lol. Please help!!



I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Textures are not supported in DWF uploads because there is no UV mapping. It might work if you export FBX instead.

(Ryanpendarvis) #3

I have also tried the FBX Export as well, with materials and that did not work either.

(Shaderbytes) #4

it is as James mentioned , your objects probably have no actual uv mapping and are using procedural mapping. Sketchfab only supports models which have proper uv mapping. This is something the program you are using needs to generate for you on export. If it does not , which seems to be the case then you can not assign textures in any manner to any materials in sketchfab, they simply wont display since there is no UV mapping information.