Materials in mirrored models

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Hello, we use Unity to upload multiple 3D models of apartments. Some of them are mirrored, see for example “PND model D0313” and “PND model D0313 mirrored” (search for them, this Forum is not allowing me to put links :confused:).

The mirrored model is the same as the original, but with scale x = -1
In Unity this works fine, but as you can see in the link above, in Sketchfab all our mirrored models are inside-out. A possible solution for this is to set all materials as double sided, but currently we can only edit them one at a time, and we have many models each containing many materials, and that would take an absurd amount of time.

Is there a better way to have mirrored models in Sketchfab?
If not, is there a way to edit all materials at once, so we could set all materials to double-sided?


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Does Unity have a way to apply/freeze/reset transformations of scale/position/rotation back to [1,1,1]?

In Maya I think it’s called “Freeze” and in Blender “Apply Scale [Rotation / Location]”.


I did a bit of searching and it looks like it might not be possible in Unity without using a script…

Negative scale should be supported on our end though, we’ll be looking for a fix.

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Hi James, thank you for your response.

Negative scale should be supported on our end though, we’ll be looking for a fix.

Glad to hear that! Is there any estimated time when we could expect this?
We want to know if we can wait for it, or change the materials to double sided for now.


I don’t have an exact ETA, but I would say at least a week or two.

As a temporary workaround, you can use a URL parameter in the editor URL to force all materials to double-sided, then Save:

This URL parameter is not officially documented and is subject to change.

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That’s excellent, thank you James!


Hello again,

Do you have a sample .unitypackage that shows this error?