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Materials management + annotations to hide elements

(Nagbyy) #1

so here are 3 little improvement that i think could be usefull in the Sketchfab 3D editor

1 : being able to rename the materials so you don't have to randomly choose one to find what you need
2 : being able to link materials, when you have 20 separated parts that have the same material, so when you have to modify the material, you don't have to redo it for all the others
3 : annotations that hide or change opacity of materials/objets, especially in mechanical models, where you would like to show how is the inside, but still have a general view with all covers appearent


(Dennispls) #2

I definitely support point number 3. Being able to hide parts of the model would be very useful!



Thanks for the feedback!

  1. Your material names should be preserved from your software. You can also double-click anywhere on the model to select that material
  2. If your parts share a material (by name) they will be merged in the editor
  3. This is possible with the Viewer API. It's probably not something we will implement as a native editor feature.


(Arturbecker) #4

Hmmm about linking materials, when I upload a model using sketchfab publish from SolidWorks, every separate solid body comes as a different, automatically named material (even if they shared the same "appearance" in SW). Is there any known way to avoid that?

A copy/paste material functionality, such as Keyshot's, would really do it for me (in fact could pretty much replace my use of it for industrial design). But I figure it might be hard to implement. I'd have no problem with assigning materials with the 3D software, but SW's don't seem to be recognized. Any suggested workarounds (I'm not very familiar with non-parametric 3D software)?


Yeah, it's a pretty big issue with SW models as it doesn't like to play nice with other software in terms of material definitions.

These are the only workflows I'm aware of at this time, although none of them are perfect:

(Arturbecker) #6

Thanks James!
The Keyshot bridge workflow works for me (as in I can generate an .obj with different grouped materials according to the appearances I've set on SW), so I'll stick with it for now. I hope I can still export with Keyshot when the trial period expires...