Materials not showing all of a sudden

(Jnaiman) #1

Here is the link:

Materials used to show up but now do not. Also, I got a recent message saying this model was just processed, however, it was uploaded a few years ago.

Thanks for any tips!



We are starting to automatically reprocess all downloadable models to ensure that they have all gone through our most recent processing pipeline and include a transcoded glTF version accessible by the new Download API.

However, our processing rules have changed over the years, and may result in unexpected behavior despite processing the same file. See Model Reprocessing.

In this case, it seems to be an issue with too many unique materials. This model has over 500 materials, but we now support a maximum of 100.

How was this model created? It will probably need to be reworked and reuploaded to display correctly. Some options could be baking the material colors into a texture, or converting them to vertex colors.