Materials say scene root


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hello - so uploading scene - and my material slot only says 'scene root'.

was working fine before - what's going on?



Can you post a link to the model? Thanks!

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thanks james - well i managed to resolve it - by re-importing as an FBX. the OBJ just wasn't jiving.

thanks sgain -

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wait - there's something going on. now it seems all my other scenes (when reimporting OBJ files) say root now.

that's terrible - as i have to reset all my materials and have hours until meeting with client. :frowning:


I just checked a model, it looks like you're not including a MTL file, although the OBJ does reference one.

# 3ds Max Wavefront OBJ Exporter v0.97b - (c)2007 guruware
# File Created: 05.04.2017 14:51:14

mtllib stoll_g_006_a.mtl

We are now more aggressive about material processing, and we will not create materials for an OBJ without a MTL file.

By the way, have you tried the 3ds Max Exporter plugin?

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hey james - that totally cleared it up - sorry for that. that was my bad.

been busy scurrying! :smiley:

thanks for the save!!

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james -

sorry for the to & fro - there was sheer panic earlier. (met w client - finished and can breathe again.)

to be clear - that actually didn't resolve my issue. i did the OBJ export again with the .mat file - and the problem persists.

exporting as FBX seems to have no issues - so i will use that option form now on until this OBJ issue is normalized again, i guess.

cheers -



Hey, it's ok.

It should be .mtl, not .mat. Can you send me a link to the upload? And was it a new upload or a re-upload?


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hey james -

sorry for the latency on my end - deadlines are a buzz kill!

so when uploading my file - do i zip the mat file along with the obj file? i'm assuming. :slight_smile:

also, i'm curious - it didn't become an issue until yesterday - haven't done anything special - so it's confusing why it would change.


Yep, you should upload the .obj and .mtl file, and you can zip them together to save space.