Materials very low resolution preview problem


(Crissav) #1

hello, my english is not very good, but i’ll try my best, i been upload my first model in sketchfab, and work great at the first time, i’ve export from substance painter, in low resolution textures (512x512) and replace some of them for better result , (normals and diffuse 4096 and 2048 size), everything ok, testing all ok, but in some step the model stop loading de textures, and now is loading only a very very low texture i think maybe is a 32x32, the result is very poor, how can i fix this problem? pls help i love this site for my work, this is my model

in my editor the model look perfect

but in the preview windows look like this

thanks everyones

(Fat Of The Land) #2

I think this might be a general issue at this moment…i m experiencing the same on one of my models

(Crissav) #3

its very strange, the problems is with the large size textures, 4096, 2048, what is the size of your textures in the model with the issues?

(Fat Of The Land) #4

4k yeah

(Crissav) #5

now your model works fine? what do you do? lower resolutions on the textures?

(Fat Of The Land) #6

i really don t know man…i guess it solved by itself…


Every time you upload, re-upload, or edit material settings, we regenerate optimized, multi-resolution textures. This can take a few minutes, so there may be a brief window where only the maximum resolution version (always used in the editor) and a 32x32 (used as the texture thumbnail in the editor texture dropdown) exist.

You can find more info on our texture processing here: