Materials won't save. Model pubishes completely white

(Aialexander) #1

Hello! I've been having an issue where every time I try to save the settings on a specific model I want to upload I get an error saying that something went wrong and the materials couldn't be saved. I then tried publishing in the hopes that the materials would be saved when I published and that proved to be unsuccessful. My model has 5-6 material groups, and the textures are 4k, but I've also tested this with lower res textures and got the same result. I don't know why it only happens with this specific model. Can someone please help me understand what I might be doing wrong?

You can find the model here: The thumbnail is what it looks like with all the materials applied, but it always loads white.


Hmm, is Substance the last step in your workflow? Could you try uploading directly from there?

I was able to apply one texture and save correctly. Maybe try clearing your browser cache/cookies?

(Aialexander) #3

Okay, I tried clearing some of the cache and cookies, and reloaded the model, and I got 1 texture to display out of the 20 that I uploaded, but it was better than nothing. I also stopped getting the error message about the materials and was finally able to save them once I got them all loaded in again. Thank you for your help!


Glad you got it working! Sorry for the inconvenience.