Mature Content Filter Possibility?


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I was wondering if in the near future you are thinking about incorporating some sort of mature content filter. My son is really getting into 3d scanning and making models in tinkercad and I would love for him to share his work. However i think some of the 3d models on here are a little bit too much for someone of his age. ( just as an example.



I'm very sorry about that. Yes, we definitely hope to implement "NSFW" and other moderation features in the near future. I'll add your '+1' to this feature request.

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This is a very nice idea! Not only would it make the site more user friendly, but it would also open the possibility of adding more specific models oriented to a growing market in the 3D world.

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Wanted to suggest the same. Thank you.

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YES, I actually emailed the hellosketchfab address (wasn't sure where the best place to bring that up would be). This definitely needs to happen! It's a little much when I view the most popular and there's practically porn as one of the first things...

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Good idea, but for more or less "porn" levels
classification, like cinema rates or videogames.
For violence too.

Un saludo and sorry mine english,

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Agreed, I had a co worker find what she called "avatar porn" and had to explain there's not a filter on this site and be careful what you click on. I work at a school so I hope this feature comes soon!


Hey all,

Sorry for the long silence in this thread. Our Age-Restricted Content filter has been active for a few months: