Maw - PBR game model


(Ben Hosac) #1

It munches on anything it can cram into it’s fleshy maw.

Sculpted in zbrush. Low poly & uv in 3d-coat / maya. All textures are being tackled with substance painter 2.

This is another personal piece I've resolved to make more presentable. I'm making a few last tweaks before posing. I switched the substance painter shader to Unity3d and had to adjust the roughness maps drastically.

I think the leather and horn texture still isn't quite right so I'll be making tweaks to those elements. There are a couple other prop and cloth bits that were in the original sketch so I'll try using them to add a splash of color.

(Ben Hosac) #3

Lil update: My final roughness maps are inverted upon export. This is also evident when viewing in sketchfab AND iray renders.
view window in sp2

iray render in sp2

Apparently it's a bug with the way substance processes unity pbr. I have to eyeball the result and invert roughness map. I updated the model and am on to posing.

(Lord00120) #5

Cool creature design :slight_smile: Could imagine this fella with a little club or something!

(Waleguene) #6

Hi @huggmachine,

I don't know a lot about SP presets, but Unity PBR materials use smoothness instead of roughness (so it needs to invert the texture). Maybe it is exporting a smoothness(glossiness) map, that could explain these results, I guess.

I don't understand why it would export separated textures for Unity since it needs metalness and smoothness need to be packed in the same single texture.
Are you using an export preset ?

(Dark Minaz) #7

Did you export with the sketchfab preset? normally that should do a fine job.

(Ben Hosac) #8

@dark_minaz @waleguene
Yea the original export used the sketchfab preset and resulted with that same error. The issue according to Allegorithmic support dude is that their 5_5 shader is bugged and using 'pbr-metal-rough' would work just as well.

All in all it's just something to look out for. I'm still cleaning up my pbr workflow and breaking some bad habits. Initially I wasn't sure if this was all due to some gap in my training.

I got a reasonable result by inverting the main values prior to export but it was a bit tedious as it takes some time to process any changes. The inverted skin glossiness/roughness turned out nicer so I ended up toning it down in SP2 while boosting the mangey scar tissue. That's a happy accident I guess. :smiley:

@lord00120 Yea I think he should be holding something thuggish.