Mawluna Aozora's #3December Entries


(Malwina Czech) #1

Looking forward to this challenge :sparkling_heart::christmas_tree:
I’m planning to do speed-sculpts with some polypaint in Zbrush to get more comfortable with it <3

Edit : Never mind! I decided to continue doing easy lowpoly ‘‘illustration’’-like models for this challenge !:heart_eyes::relaxed:

~Mawluna xo

(Malwina Czech) #2

Day 1 - Angry winter coat :sparkling_heart::snowflake:

(LennyLennbo) #3

Very creative!!

(Malwina Czech) #4

Thank you ! :relaxed:

(Essssam) #5

I just adore the colors on this. Amazing work!

(Malwina Czech) #6

Aww I’m glad you like it!

(Malwina Czech) #8

My Day 2 of the #3December Challenge! It’s a heart warming wood stove :heartbeat::fire:
I hope you like it! :sparkling_heart:

(Nonlly) #9

I love how it resembles a heart and a grin at the same time :smiley:

(Malwina Czech) #10

Awww I didn’t notice the grin myself ! :sparkling_heart:
I hope it warmed your heart up :relaxed:

(Malwina Czech) #11

This is my Day3 entry :sparkling_heart:
A magical night on the north pole :sparkling_heart::snowflake:
I hope you like it!

(Malwina Czech) #12

Day4 - Heavy Fruitcake (Animated)

I’ve heard that fruitcakes are really heavy so here is a heavy fruitcake! :sparkling_heart::pie:
~The animation is made by @EnvyMurloc - //
I hope you like it :two_hearts:

(Brian C Allen) #13

Woah. What’s the effect on the aurora? That’s awesome!

(Malwina Czech) #14

Hey :two_hearts: What exactly do you mean by aurora?

(Malwina Czech) #15

Day5 - Flu Kitty (Animated)

Poor kitty is having the flu. Hopefully he will feel better soon :disappointed_relieved::two_hearts:
~ The animation is again made by @EnvyMurloc - //
I hope you like it :sparkling_heart:

(Brian C Allen) #16

The north pole model, the wavy bits in the back

(Malwina Czech) #17

Ahh , it’s a opacity map that is set to dithered. And Emission is also doing its job there so its pretty glowy :sparkling_heart:

(Brian C Allen) #18

Oooh, I had no idea you could dither an opacity map! It looks really neat!