Maximum WebGL Browswer Limit Reached

(Jon Russell) #1

Is there a way to know how much of a WebGL limit has been reached before it crashes my web-browser? I reach the limits sometimes and then the browser takes about 5 minutes to sort itself out. Would be good if I could just restart my browser instead before this happens.


Hmm, it really depends on the model(s). Can you share how you reach this point and what browser/OS? Are you opening a lot of models at the same time? One model at a time? Which models?

(Jon Russell) #3

It normally happens if I run two models at the same time, or, run models one after the other for a few hours. It literally fells like I keep using my WebGL allowance until it finally crashes and I start form 0 again.

I am using Windows, Chrome. The models are not particularly ‘heavy’.


Maybe @paul_sketch has some ideas. I don’t know how Chrome would be handling this or how to better debug.

(Paul Sketch) #5

we cannot do it from javascript.

From a chrome user point of view you can get info in “chrome task manager” and add a GPU column if not already there

Outside of chrome we use “GPU-z” to monitor GPU VRAM availaibility

(Jon Russell) #6

ok, I will check it out because its a pretty constant feature when looking at models so it might not be too hard to see what is happening.