Maya export help does not work

(Saviorcalabro) #1

good morning
I would like help
I have always exported with UPLOADER
but today it does not work
please help me

Try polling processing status (attempt #0)

File "C:/ProgramData/Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins/Maya2Sketchfab/Contents/scripts\", line 139, in prepareAndUpload


File "C:/ProgramData/Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins/Maya2Sketchfab/Contents/scripts\", line 186, in poll_processing_status

self.ui_main.statusbar.showMessage("Upload failed with error: {}".format(result['error']))

KeyError: 'error'


Hmm, based on the error, the model was still uploaded correctly, but something went wrong when it was checking the processing status. Is the model on your account?

(Saviorcalabro) #3

I had to upload it from the website
directly from Maya does not work
it returns me, the error I reported


Does it happen on any Maya file like a simple shape?