Maya Exporter Bug

Hello the exporter plugin for maya usually works for me, but not today. When I try to upload it loads for a while and then says “Try Polling Processing Status…(attempt 0) …”

It works on a previous save, all I did was UV and r-UV some of my objects as well as apply new materials…

Hi @Illthani,

Could you tell if any model is uploaded to your account ? (even if the exporter hangs on processing check)
I’m not able to test Maya exporter at the moment so I’ll need some details to help you find a solution.
Is there any suspicious log when you proceed to the export?

Maybe a screenshot of the export logs will help :slight_smile:

Also, you could try to manually export your scene in FBX and upload it to Sketchfab to see if everything goes ok. It could help to spot potential issues.

Thanks for the report and keep us in touch


Yep, it looks like models have been uploaded to your account successfully. Maybe there’s just a bug in the polling part of the script.

The model was not uploaded then. I figured out what was causing the bug and went around it to upload my scene, so the bug is still there and it doesn’t let you upload your scene.

The bug is seemingly caused by adding a diffuse map as a color on your material, its perfectly fine most of the time, but suddenly you add one more and this bug appears. On one instance removing that material and replacing it with a fresh lambert fixed it, on another case I had to remove every single material that had a diffuse map and replace them with just basic grey lamberts for the bug to go away.

The most frustrating part is that if you google this bug you find a couple of threads like mine, but none of them ever get solved, nor do the people respond and say that it was fixed.

That’s very strange. Do you have a Maya file you can share where this is currently happening?