Maya FBX Settings Help


(Alexa Kruckenberg) #1

I’m absolutely pulling out my hair here, so I hope someone out there can show me my error.

I have a model that I rigged and animated in Maya. The rig has controls attached to joints via parent constraints. I understand that Sketchfab doesn’t support constraints. I also understand that animations created using IK may not upload correctly. I have my FBX settings set up the exact same way that they are shown in the Maya animation page in the Sketchfab help site. In spite of all this, I cannot get this thing to animate!

Here’s the best FBX export I’ve gotten so far:

Here’s the Alembic file that demonstrates what the animation is supposed to look like:

What i don’t understand is why the FBX is animating one part of the mesh as intended, but not the rest. Anyone able to shed some light on this for me?