Maya to Sketchfab Animation Upload Problem

Does anyone have experience in uploading animations to sketchfab from Maya?

I have been trying to upload a loop of a rigged model as an FBX to Maya, and it works fine if I import it back into Maya. But when I upload it into Sketchfab, only the locator transformation is animated where I have rotated it, the actual rigged model does not move where I have keyframed the controllers.

It might be a really simple solution, I haven’t uploaded an animation to Sketchfab before, but I just can’t figure it out (sorry I am also half asleep).

I have followed this tutorial, and it will not work:

Hi @claireccreates - you may also want to join the Sketchfab Discord server to learn from our friendly community :point_right: as community members are often active there as well :+1: