Maybe this won't work, experts that can offer advice?


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Very large file, but it almost works.

This rig has a bunch of stuff going on - including Maya Muscle System. I can almost get it to work on Sketchfab, but It has two issues that I can't figure out.

  1. there is a weird wobble with the blendshapes when I upload it file. (I tested with other rigs with similar results)
  2. Maya muscle, seems to mess up the material, I can't get it to go away!

Here is a clearer example:

I started out by converting the deformed Geo to a series of inbetween-blendshapes, there is a MEL script that does a nice job.
After that smoothed the geo and deleted the non-deformer history on the skin - It seems fine except the file size get to be way too much!


1) Not sure about the 'wobble', maybe @waleguene can help.

2) Are you talking about the overlaid colors? You can turn off Vertex Colors?

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You really are the KING! - Thanks!