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Measuring tools?

(SA3D) #1

Hi Guys !

What do you think of including a measurement tool ?
This would be useful for architecture, heritage, …
Be hidden in settings, or in inspector ?

Thank you & nice continuation !
Best regards.

(Mauricesvay) #2

Hey @stef,

we have an experimental measurement tool here:

Let us know what you think about it.

(SA3D) #3

Hi @mauricesvay !

Very nice !! Work well with georeferenced model !
No problem, i will give 2 url to my customers !
This url is not going to change quickly ?!/models/941d351beba24cbbb26366b7c6d2feb8

A chance to see this tools, activated in the viewer ??
Even in the gear, or inspector …
Thank you !

(Mauricesvay) #4

The URL will not change soon.

The experiment is here to evaluate if there’s enough demand for such tool in the regular viewer. We’ll think about it.

(Private Polygon) #5

To follow up on this request, I work for a large furniture company in the Netherlands and we’re looking for ways to display measurements for models as well. There’s a company doing this (Sayduck) but the premium plan on sketchfab appeals more to us.
When you click on an icon in the corner of the viewer, the measurements (width, length and height) appear around the corners of the model.
Will something like this be available in the near future?