Mech unit im creating for my game

(Michael Nixon) #1

Im currently working on a top down x-com inspired game in my spare time and also just trying to improve my modeling and texturing skills. I just finished a unit that's meant to deal some serious damage to the player.

Im hoping to increase my output/uploads on here and try some organic models soon for something different.

(Shaderbytes) #2

Looks great , good work on your texturing. The lighting in the scene is perhaps a tad flat, otherwise great job :slight_smile:

(Michael Nixon) #3

Thanks for the feedback. I know what you mean on the lighting. I tried adding just a bit more shadow.

(Shaderbytes) #4

not that it is incorrect, I mean if the mech was perhaps standing indoors in hanger with low lighting it would be flat in real life. Just pointing out that jut like in cinematography or photography a subject or scene is always enhanced with additional lighting. Ideally you want create a better contrast between highlights and shadows because it gives a greater feel of depth etc.. you could try just using tone mapping and increasing the exposure, or making your background a bit lighter.

here I just did some edits in a graphics editor to give an example :