Medieval Asian Harbor

(Jessica Novita) #1

I'm building a sea harbor with Asian ships and houses, based on an old Sumatran kingdom.

(Jessica Novita) #2

Now I understand how to post pics. :grinning: Here are the references

(Zorg741) #3

Very cool references!

(Jessica Novita) #4

Hi Zorg741, thank you for your kind words. I only started yesterday :sweat_smile: But I'll catch up.

(Jessica Novita) #5

A common house during the era.

(Dark Minaz) #6

so mostly south east asian for the most part? sounds very interesting. I wonder how you can keep it in a good low poly style :wink: But i look forward to your finished scene

(Bart) #7

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Jessica Novita) #8

OMG is this real? :heart_eyes: I love accepting gifts! Thank you!

(Jessica Novita) #9

Hey thanks for the support, man. I'll just keep building and see what would look good later on.

(Jessica Novita) #10

This is an open space with roof.

(Jessica Novita) #11

This is an outdoor kitchen.
Close up of ancient stove.

(Jessica Novita) #12

Rice storages

Rice fields

(Victor Mateus) #13

I loved the style ^.^

(Jessica Novita) #14

Added a cart.

(Jessica Novita) #15

Medieval Asian Harbor by jessica.novita on Sketchfab


I like the colors I made. When I first posted, my goal was to win the laptop. But in the end I'm just glad I finished on time. Now I have a new colorful piece for portofolio, and a participation prize. :grin:

Happy that I get to this point and hoped I could do better next time. I wish all the best for all participants, and thanking everybody who has visited this harbor. Have a great day! :smile: