Medieval Fantasy Contest - Dragon Attack Aftermath

(Guillermot) #1

Hello, here is my entry for the Medieval Fantasy Contest, I´m planning a scene about a town on the aftermath of a dragon attack.
Here are some buildings and a fire animation. Tomorrow I will be doing some "damaged" versions, and maybe, more fire!:smiling_imp:

I´ll be adding all models to this collection:Medieval Fantasy WIP

(Doop) #2

Nice models, i like the fire animation, cant wait to see your scene. Y chusmeando tus modelos supongo que sos argentino, buena suerte capo. :grin:

(Guillermot) #3

Thanks! Nice to know the fire is working! And, yes, soy argentino :+1:

(Guillermot) #4

First damaged building:

(Bart) #5

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Guillermot) #6


(Guillermot) #7

More damaged buildings:

(Benji Todd Artist) #8

Those pesky dragons! Nice work, looking forward to seeing the rest.

(Guillermot) #9

Hello everybody, been working on the fire animation:

I think this looks better than the first one.

Also, a "smoke only" animation:

Now let´s get those buildings on fire! :imp:

(Guillermot) #10

Buildings on fire as promised!
New assets (walls, towers, burned house), and the scene:

Edit: I´m reuploading the scene as I make little adjustments.
Let me know what you think, any feedback is welcome!

(Guillermot) #11

@bartv some technical questions, may I restrict the navigable zone of the scene (using the transparent planes mentioned in the FAQ)? I want to save some polys on the background, but dont want the user to see it from "ugly" angles.

If this is possible, should I upload individual assets for the background elements? example:

"background castle - asset"
Or should I upload all the background as one asset?
Or I cant use this technique at all? I´m on ~39k tris, but I want to add some more things to the navigable zone, hence the need to use it.

(Bart) #12

Seems reasonable to limit navigation in such a case. Also, I think it might not be necessary to share such 'super low detail' models as they're probably not useful for other users?

(Guillermot) #13

Ok, thank you!

(Guillermot) #14

some guards for the town:

(Guillermot) #15

Rigging and posing:

I think I can fit 7 or 8 guards on the scene, some will be dead, the rest will be working as firefighters.

(Guillermot) #16

I´ve uploaded all the individual assets, tweaked some details on the scene and put everything in a new collection:

Medieval Fantasy Contest - Dragon Attack Aftermath
by Guillermo T
on Sketchfab

Not much time left, so this will be the final scene. Good luck everybody!