Medieval Fantasy FAQ

(Creationsmaxo) #21

The contest requests that you create something in a specific style proposed.

Check the "Visual Style" paragraph.

This means that while there's no mention of a limit in the polycount, you got to make sure the result is optimized for VR rendering. After all, everyone's assets will be fused into a scene by the guys at Mozilla for the VR demo thing. If you push forward a model that has 500K poly and it's just a small scene with a creature, it won't be "useful" for them.

So, from what has been asked, it has to be low-mid poly depending on the details displayed while the style is respected. If you need more polygons for a good reason, then use more polygons. If you only need those polygons to put details that are too precise for the style, you don't need more polygons.

Those are examples given:
This tower is 22K
Its relief is detailed, while its texture is simple.
This town is 68.5k
It has way more stuff than the single tower, but the level of relief isn't as high.

Yet both display the same visual style : Low number & bright colors with low amount of details.

(Ld Skibz) #22

There is a mention of poly count:

For individual assets, aim for a 2k polygon budget and 512×512 texture maps (if you really need larger texture maps, be sure to always use ‘power of two’ sizes like 1024×1024 etc).
The total polygon budget for the assembled scene is 50k.

Hope this helps!
Good Luck.

(Bart) #23

I've moved your message into the contest FAQ topic. It seems your question was answered?

(Roguenoodle) #24

Thought I hit reply earlier, but I guess not... This makes sense to be me - thanks Bart :slight_smile:

(Zemasu) #25

Hey! I have a question. Will the assets be able to be scaled? I mean, if I make some rocks, can the community scale these rocks to make rocks with different dimension or should I make more of them with different dimensions?
Sorry for the english and the repetation of Rock :stuck_out_tongue:

(Oleglinkov) #26

good question actually! I'd like to know it myself :slight_smile: If assets can be scaled, we can be more flexible with our kits


They should be able to be scaled since the users will be creating their environment using your assets, like any other downloadable asset. Of course, variety in rocks is awesome but seeing how your assets will be placed in the user's scene is not something you can predict, it seems fair that they can be scaled by the user. Hope this answers your question!

(Zemasu) #28

Nice! Thanks for your answer, now I know that they can scale I can add more variety.
And another one: They will create an entire world all togheter (like a simil-minecraft online world) or just simple scenes, like one for user?

(Jessevannormanstudios) #29

Hi, I was just wondering exactly how to submit your assets? We give one final map, and then we upload every asset individually. Are we supposed to Simply upload each asset? And if we have more than one submissions, how do you know which assets go to which submition? Sorry, I'm newbie

(Mariosonic500) #30

What do you mean by "Real-time asset"?

(Redmdlee) #31

I'm a little bit confused by this topic and the question about this earlier. Normally when I model in Blender all of the assets I make can be scaled to preference, or is that not the case? Is there an extra step or method to allow your assets to be scaled.

(Ab Red) #32

hi.. so if i making a medieval scene, but instead of making it pure medieval i swap the sword with a sci-fi gun, but the armor, throne, and villager are stay the same, or maybe modified a little bit.. so for short i wanna make a medieval sci-fi ish.. does this works???
just wonder if thats included as twist.. xD

(Redmdlee) #33

Yeah I'm kinda wondering the same thing, for a much more concrete example something like FFXII where people wear armors but mount up on flying cable cars and airships; of course still respecting the visual style but is that concept still acceptable???

(Bart) #34

The exact second step is still to be determined, but early thoughts was that each Mozilla user would create his own 'webvr experience' using our assets.

I've answered your question in the FAQ.

I've answered your question in the FAQ.

Not as far as I know. Just use 1 'unit' as 1 meter. In Blender, you can set that in the preferences. When in doubt, @mention us in your WIP thread to summon us and we'll take a peek!

I've answered your question in the FAQ.

(Bezrodnyigor) #35

How rigid is polycount limit? I know that it should be optimized for mobile VR, so no overly complex models, but I have a scene where a lot is going on (entire castle town to be precise).

Can I go over the budget a bit to add some nice details (about 65K tris total maybe)?

(Bart) #36

A limit is a limit :slight_smile: We decided on this with Mozilla, and it would be unfair to be vague about it. So 50k it is!

(Bezrodnyigor) #37

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. 50K is not that bad.


You can do it! :raised_hands:

(Cidulfaust) #39


I got a question. Would muskets and cannons used in the late medieval period be considered 'higher technology'? Is it alright to include them? Or does it go against the desired theme? I'd really love to add them into a battle scene.

(Roguenoodle) #40

Sorry if this has been asked already - are vertex colours usable for these assets in combination with textures? For example, a tiling wall texture with colour variation added through vertex colours?