Medieval Fantasy FAQ

(Djyver) #41

Can i make a scene where the king is killed?

(Robert Fraser) #42

With the 50k limit can we use either quads or tris or a combination?

Thanks and apologies if this has already been covered.

(Jessevannormanstudios) #43

Hi, and we rig and animate?

(Don To) #44

Hi I just want to ask one thing. If someone won the first prize and they are living in Asia, is it eligible for them to claim the reward ? and how ?

(Jessevannormanstudios) #45

Hi, do you know how i find the ploy count in maya? I have the ploy count open, but I don't know witch one to look at. ( faces, verts, edges, etc. )

Sorry, i'm self taught.

(Feyfolken Km) #46

@bartv, Good afternoon, i'v got anotherquestion.
Can i use sounds from free-origin? For example, i need sound of fire for my blacksmith, but first, i havent good microphone, and second, i dont want burn my house accidentally :confused:

(Lorem Ipsum) #47


How long do we need to keep the assets for download and when can we delete them?

(Khea) #48

Hello! In Maya you have to look at the 'Tris' line.
The tri (triangle) is the reference in term of polygon, as every polygon is essentially composed by triangles. (For exemple when you create a quad (4edged polygon) the software automatically calculates it as 2 tris).

For the poly count in Maya:
- the number in the first column is the sum of the triangles of all the objects present in your scene,
- the 2nd column shows the tri count for your currently selected object(s),
- the 3rd one is the number of selected tris inside the currently active object(s)

Also, in case you're not familiar with the other terms: The 'edges' are the lines that separate 2 faces, and 'Verts' stands for 'vertices' (singular: vertex), which are the points where edges meet.

I hope it's understandable, have a nice day! :slight_smile:

(Bart) #49

What is 'free origin'? Copyright-free, like public domain? That is perfectly ok.

Yes. Why not? :slight_smile:

At least for 3 months, to give the Mozilla community a chance to work with them. Ideally you won't delete them though :slight_smile:

(added to FAQ)

We're not limiting any countries and will ship prizes world-wide. (Added to FAQ)

Absolutely. Voting will be based on the model quality though, not on extra features like animation or sound. (added to FAQ)

For your final, assembled scene, you should aim for ~ 50.000 triangles (not quads - Sketchfab will convert them to triangles). This limit is imposed to ensure scenes work well on mobile devices, but if you REALLY need a bit more, we won't disqualify you if you use a little more, like 55k. (added to FAQ)

I've asked Mozilla, I'll get back to you about this.

Yes, that's fine.

(Bart) #52

Okay, I just got confirmation that you can use this.

(Roguenoodle) #53

Perfect! Thanks Bart :slight_smile:

(Jessevannormanstudios) #54

Yes thank you :grinning: :+1:

(Zorg741) #55

I wanted to clarify. I do not want to use baking AO. I have one texture for all assets. How will this affect the results of the competition?:blush:

(Bart) #56

Why should it affect the results? We're not making any requirements on texture usage, so that's up to you' Entries will be judged on artistic merit and compliance to our technical requirements.

(Zorg741) #57

Thank you, Bart!

(Feyfolken Km) #58

@bartv, Sorry for disturb, i have one more question. Again :confused:

Mozilla wants assets for their own using, right?

"Build as many reusable components for it as you can."

Publish each asset as a downloadable file

What wants Mozilla? Only models - without textures, or with them?

Why i asking...
Now i modeling house and making it with reusable componets - window, door, pillar - each with own UV and texture. So, we can take window and put on another wall without problems.


Try to keep the number of objects small as possible. You could merge static meshes and use a unique texture for all of them. For example if modelling a house, you will have a whole mesh and a texture for the structure itself and then independent meshes for movable objects like chairs, tables and so on

For my scene i want make full house in one mesh with one UV and texture, and then bake AO.

What you think about it? Any advices?

Btw, may i additionally upload rar archive with my assets to Google Drive or something? It will be easier for Mozilla team,

P.S. Sorry for mistakes, my english is pretty awful.

(Jamey98) #59

Hey there! I was wondering if the edges have to be hard edges or if they can be smooth edges? I know hard edges add to the low poly style but I'm not sure if it is required. Also with the fallen tree (1,2,3) wich one is most preffered?

And lastly, if my scene has for example 75 different props, do they all have to be uploaded separately? Or can all the tree props be put in the same upload?


Hey, I'll jump in for bart!

We're looking for models with textures please! Would the advice given, to "merge static meshes and use a unique texture for all of them" help in your case? That should keep the number of polygons down. If you're doing individual assets, we suggested "aim[ing] for a 2k polygon budget" so it's not like that will count towards the total assembled package.

You're free to do whatever you'd like with your assets but the only way the Mozilla team is going to get your assets is via downloads off of Sketchfab.

Let me know if this answered your questions!


The smooth edges look fine! It doesn't need to be an exact replica of Kevin Pauly's work (the examples in the blog) but just a general idea.

And how about just one tree upload for the individual asset? That way, it encapsulates the tree model, but you don't have to upload 75 of them!

(Feyfolken Km) #62

So, i'll need make double work - texture each asset for Mozilla and then retexure them when they are merged for my scene. :smirk: