Medieval Fantasy FAQ

(Alok Aks50) #63

hey @seori i had some questions!
i have uploaded 3 models so far.,
1) a portal ( with floating terrain and portal related object).
2) Props ( which contains some collection of common props)
3) A statue which is single object.
Just wanted to conform if its okay to upload related objects together?
Do we have to give download option when we upload the models itself? (or) is it fine to turn on download permission option at the end of the submission for all uploaded models?
Please help me out!

(Bart) #64

No, each individual asset needs to be uploaded separately.

It's fine to wait until you're ready for your final submission.

(Alok Aks50) #65

Thanks @bartv
and about that each individual asset uploading., can i upload those assets also at end of submission as well?( i was just wandering - we can upload all props and related assets together just to show WIP and separate all individual assets at the end of the submission!?)

(Bart) #66

Sure thing. No need to generate all that extra work as you're still working on them!

(Alok Aks50) #67

Well that's a relif! Thanks @bartv :slight_smile:

(Feyfolken Km) #68

@bartv, What is better for performance - baked AO or internal scketchfab AO?

(Kyan0s) #69

I have a question @bartv , concerning the download set up. I'm a little bit lost. Which option must we check to make the asset in Creative Common Attribution license ("CC-BY") as it's requiered ? (no-commercial, no derivatives, share alike or just the default option ?) Thanks.


Baked AO is definitely better! Also, it's the safer bet for it to render in A-Frame.

@kyan0s The CC Attribution option under License

(Kyan0s) #71

OK ! Thanks ! ^^)

(Mrrobot) #72

Sry if this question already was. Can i bake a lightmap for my scene?

(Bart) #73

For your scene yes, for the individual assets perhaps better not - this might limit how they can be used in other projects. (Added to FAQ).

(Selby College Comp And Sys Dev) #74

Both myself and a number of my students will be creating assets for this competition. Would we each be able to claim a Google Cardboard?

(Bart) #75

(I've merged your question into the FAQ thread)

Each entry can claim one Cardboard. If you work on an entry with a team, you can still only get one cardboard.

(Codywinch) #76

In my final scene I plan to use some character models multiple times in different poses.

Should the individual character model assets be posed or static T pose? How will this play into the usability for mozillas purposes? I don't imagine have a bunch of T posed characters would be terribly interesting to use.

(Bart) #77

Posed is probably better yes.

(Hamsterspit) #78

Hello there I would really like to get into this Medieval Theme and I

want to know if my stile is similar enough to Kevin Paulys works? I will send you a picture with just some assets because I don-t want to ruin the surprise with the hole scene plus I have to work more on it! And also can I use like a texture atlas for most of the assets?and if i use a texture atlas can it be at least 2048px or lower?
Wish you all good luck and have fun making it i know I will!:slight_smile:


(Bart) #79

Looks good to me! The only thing you may take another look at is the color scheme - Kevin's colors are a little less saturated.

(Hamsterspit) #80

Hamm,I thank you for the quick reply the colors are like that because I had a altered medieval universe going about But I I am allowed u use a texture atlas the saturation can be easily adjusted.

(Feyfolken Km) #81

Can i ask too?

Is my style / colors ok?

Sorry for spam:confused:

(Hamsterspit) #82

Never-mind about the atlas I just read the the guidelines