Medieval Fantasy FAQ

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Hello, Just wondered if sketchfab has got folder option, so the 'Medieval contest' works could be stored in a folder on our profiles, it would give a much better organised view for any external visitors, also that way we could upload so much more single assets for mozilla users.. just a thought, thanks

(Zorg741) #84

Yes, it would be very convenient in my account to sort the models into folders =)

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I wanted to learn how to make a model better, with baked AO, or leave a clean texture. + It was said about the resolution of the texture for one set of 512x512 pixels. What size of the texture is allowed for the general scene and in what format is it better to save the texture? png it is possible?

(Feyfolken Km) #86

Im not sure, but fount this in FAQ:

Can I use light maps in my scene?

For your scene yes, for the individual assets perhaps better not - this might limit how they can be used in other projects.

(Kyan0s) #87

Hi ! Must we also make the scene downloadable ? Or just the assets ?

(Antonio Doyle) #88

Hello, sorry if this has been addressed but I can't find info on it.

Is it okay for me to make an interior environment? or should I stay with outside / exterior?

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I have found the answer. The pieces can be stored in the collection tab on our profiles, like 'gashtan's here:

But all models still appear in the profile, it would be nice if they could be visible on main profile as collection/folder though

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What about the IP of our works, do the contest models become property of Mozilla, or can we re-use them for a different purpose, eg. sell them, pass them to someone else, make a game of it etc.. Thank you.

(Bart) #91

At this moment we don't have folders, but it's something we know our community would like to have. It's on the wishlist!

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Your work on Sketchfab always remains yours. This is even covered in the terms of the contest (see blogpost):

  • Winners retain all Intellectual Property as per Sketchfab standard Terms and Conditions.

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Thank you for reply Bart :slight_smile:

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that's can be interior ?

(Zorg741) #95

Can I upload my scene and sets with clean textures, and then additionally upload the same kits with baked AO? As a result, I get 2 copies of the models. Will this be considered correct for my 1 publication, or will it be counted as 2 publications? In the future, will the hardware effect of AO be used in Web VR?

(Bart) #96

Yes, interiors are ok!

Hmmm, do you mean you post individual assets 'clean', and the assembled scene with baked AO? That should be ok. Just submitting everything twice (once clean and once baked) sounds a little strange.. Using baked AO for WebVR scenes is fine!

(Zorg741) #97

Ok, Bart. Thank you for reply!:relaxed:

(Feyfolken Km) #98

@bartv What resolution i can use for self-baked HDRI sky? I want create my own HDRI with mountains/houses to fill space behind my scene.

Also, can participants take PRO for this contest?

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Okay. I modeled my people in the T-pose. Do I need to rig them so that they can be posed or will someone else rig them? And I don't know how to submit my entries.


Having them be posed will make them look nicer! And are you having issues with uploading them, you mean?


We didn't specify HDRI resolution so while we recommend keeping it as low as you can without affecting the quality, don't stress over that.

Do you mean use your Pro account?

(Feyfolken Km) #102

Yup, just want load HDRI and sounds.