Medieval Fantasy FAQ

(Bart) #103

Yes, you can use PRO features to improve your presentation.

(Feyfolken Km) #104

No-no, i think my english is little unclear.
I want ask - can participants get PRO account until contest's deadline?

For example - rules of "Sound of your art" contest:

Post your idea and your ‘Work in Progress’ in your own topic on the dedicated forum – every participant will receive one month of Sketchfab PRO so you can use up to five sounds in your scene.

Im not insisting, just asking about this feature.

I can use one of default HDRI, but i want bake my own - low-poly mountains for fill environment around scene. User cant upload HDRI without PRO.

(Bart) #105

Ah sorry, I see. No, we decided against that as PRO for this contest.

(Feyfolken Km) #106

Okay, thanks for answer. So, i will just make fake-hdri - sphere with texture :wink:

(Francoisespagnet) #107

For materials can we use metalness or just use gray color ?

(Tekimimotaku) #108

I don't know how to make a page and I don't know what button to press to upload. I made this account because of this contest, so I don't really know how to do anything.


Thanks for joining us! Do you know how to 3D model? If so, you've got the majority of the contest under control! The help center can be a great resource for getting started.

Here are some 3D creation tools that can help you create your entry

Here are the file formats that we support

Here is how to upload to Sketchfab. Remember to tag your work #MedievalFantasyScene!

Once you got that under control, clicking the New Topic button in this Forum Topic (Medieval Fantasy Contest) will get you started on sharing your work!

Let us know if you need any other pointers!

(Bstout) #110

to display the ploy count in maya go to the menu Display/Heads Up Display/poly Count
click it on to make the poly count show up in the camera view

(Tekimimotaku) #111

Thank you!!!

(Francoisespagnet) #112

Did the Mozzila A-Frame support double-sided for face rendering like Sketchfab ?

(Francoisespagnet) #113

Do all the objects have to be in the final scene ?

(Zorg741) #114

Can I select the required ones in my downloaded models and assign them certain settings together? For example, select the desired and assign tags for the selected models, assign the same background, angle of view? It would be very convenient.

(Bart) #115

I'll ask and will get back to you about this.


Do you mean apply the same setting to multiple models at once? That's something that we'll implement but isn't ready yet (mostly a matter of UX). We have a user script to test the functionality though:

(Zorg741) #116

Thank you, Bart!

(Krossphaire3d) #117

The VR can be blocked if something is above it ? something like those little flags crossing the scenerio can block the VR navigation? sorry for the noob question, idk anything about VR, and by the way the scenarios will be tested walking in first person?

(Bart) #118

This won't be a problem. The issue is when a 'full height' transparent plane blocks the navigation path.

(Krossphaire3d) #119

ok thanks.

(Aresdex) #120

Hi, if i have a model like an house, in the final scene i can duplicate this object with different size and different rotation and publish only the default size and rotation or i need to publish also the object with different size and different rotation?

(Bart) #121

Publishing it once is enough in that case.

(Blackspire) #122

Hi all. I wanted to ask just one question. I'm going to model lots of props, weapons and walls. I will surely make an atlas texture for the textured details like emblems, bricks and other stuff. My question is about the simple flat colors: do I have to make a texture also for them or can I just assign colors to materials to make them?