Medieval Fantasy FAQ

(Bart) #123

Mozilla got back to me - yes, A-Frame supports double-sided rendering.

You don't need to texture 'plain' materials.

(Krossphaire3d) #124

Hello, I'd like to know if there's any problem if a big asset have more than 2K tris ?


Big asset, meaning a big individual asset? It's best to cap it off as best as you can at 2k. The hard limit is 50k for the whole scene. Let me know if this helped!

(Krossphaire3d) #126

yea its a individual asset, I have made a house that has 2,5K Tris but my whole scene has only 30K at the moment

(Ikapoura) #127

Hello all, 2 questions here that I can think of the answers already but just want to be sure.

  1. If I upload an Armature in the fbx (from Blender), do they get it with downloading from Sketchfab?

  2. If I change a bit my materials from the 3D settings, which version do they get with downloading? The original or the altered?

Thanks a lot

EDIT: Third question: For different poses on the characters, do we have to upload each pose for each character individually?

(Bart) #128

No; you should upload the original .blend file so that people can use it to access your rig.

The GLTF download will contain any edits you made in the 3D editor, your original file download won't.

(Ikapoura) #129

So to understand, I upload a .blend file in a new model and I choose "allow download". This will allow them to download the original file.
Sorry for the many questions, I want to be sure it is done correctly.

(Bart) #130

Yes. However, animation is not a part of this contest. You're welcome to add it, but it's not required. Also, the GLTF files will contain animation too, but not your armature.

(Ikapoura) #131

Yeah since I have some character and beasts models, it would be good if they could pose them differently instead of giving them something static. That's why I want to send the armature too.

(Fabian Orrego) #132

Hi. I have some questions.

I'll use a single texture atlas for my whole scene, then

  1. Can I use gradient palette color for my textures? My lowpoly dragon is textured with this gradient palette color.
  2. Some of my character have 2200 to 2600 polygons, is there a problem?
  3. Should I upload the same character with different pose if I repeat the character in the scene. Or the characters must be uploaded with rig?

My lowpoly dragon:


(Bart) #133

Theoretically yes, but keep in mind that you need to use the styleguide that we provided, which is fairly flat.


Sounds like a rigged version makes more sense.

(Krossphaire3d) #134

Hello I got a question, should I make multiple maps for my scene or just one map with all of the colors used ?


Either or but doing just one map would probably be easier for you!

(Krossphaire3d) #136

ok, thanks



The deadline next week, Wednesday, November 1st! Please take this weekend to wrap up your work and/or if you were thinking of joining, join now before your treasures dissipate before your very eyes! Carry on, valiant artists! :crossed_swords:

(Krossphaire3d) #138

Hi, to set up the VR character all I need to do is set the Scale and the Floor ?

(Feyfolken Km) #139

I think you should upload .blend file. Not exporter for blender - just .blend via web gui.
I have troubles with scale too when i trying convert it to .fbx.

(Rusya Rusya) #140

@bartv @seori @james, hello! I did not quite understand what it means to have one texture map for the whole scene) please explain by example

(Feyfolken Km) #141

Вот пример моего текстурного атласа. Просто делаете развертку и перетаскиваете ее на нужный цвет. В итоге для всех материалов у нас всего одна текстура.

(Rusya Rusya) #142

для всех объектов в сцене (а их десятки) нужно делать развертки? ого!:disappointed_relieved:
it means for all models in the scene I need to do a unwrap?