Medieval Fantasy FAQ

(Feyfolken Km) #143

Да, для всех. Но это относительно быстро - выделяете участки одного цвета, разворачиваете, масштабируете (У меня это в 0,01) и перетаскиваете на цвет.

(Rusya Rusya) #144

ок, спасибо большое за объяснение! первый раз моделирую персонажей, и вообще такую "масштабную сцену":grin:

(Daniel Slusarz) #145

Hi. I have a problem to make my assets Downloadable. Is there anyone who can help me with it?

Regards Daniel

(Daniel Slusarz) #146

I find solution, but its weard. When i add model to collection a can't make it downloadable. But if i make it downloadable at first and add to cellection at second... then everything its allright.

Regards Daniel

(Alok Aks50) #147

Hi. I am facing Problem in making assets Downloadable. i have already uploaded my models and didn't give allow download option. now i am not able to find the option. for new uploads its coming. but how can i give permission for older models?! Please Help.
Got it now., for some reason its not coming in model customizing page.

(Krossphaire3d) #148

@bartv @daniel_slusarz @alok.aks50 I had that problem too, I think its a bug. Check my image to see it, in the model page if you click to edit the properties it doesnt allow you to set it as downloadable, but in the models page in your profile it allows.


That's the temporary work around for now, apologies for the inconvenience!

(Fabian Orrego) #150

Hi everyone. I have two questions.

  1. The style and colors is ok?
  2. Can I do a night environment?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Looks great! Love the fire! And go for the night version, if you have a time!

(Feyfolken Km) #152

@seori! Is 56.732 tris ok? I cant optimize or delete something more :tired_face:

(Daniel Slusarz) #153

Perfectly writed. Thanks!

(Alok Aks50) #154

Indeed! i also did in same way. Hope they will fix it soom :slight_smile:

(Bart) #155

Yes, we'll accept it. We've aimed for 50k polygons, but don't want to discount entries that go over it slightly.

(Feyfolken Km) #156

Yay :relaxed:

(Alok Aks50) #157

Oops! i should have known before. i have missed out lots of details trying to cover inside 50K :sob: Anhywoo Peace :smile_cat:

(Francoisespagnet) #158

Ours followers are spammed by e-mail notifications for each model. :confused:

(Bart) #159

Ah yes that's true. As a PRO user, you could publish them as private models first, and then switch them to public. I believe that will prevent a notification from being sent.

(Francoisespagnet) #160

For the scene, are we limited for the use of post-processing ?

(Bart) #161

No, feel free to proces as you like :slight_smile:

(Nomadking) #162

I tried doing that myself, but was told that people still got the email spam (I presume from the new notification system once I swapped the models back to public)