Medieval Fantasy FAQ

(Bart) #163

How long did you wait before you changed them to public again? I think we have a 10 minute window before checking and sending emails or so.

(Nomadking) #164

I waited til I was done uploading them all til I made the switch, so it should have been more than 10mins

(Frankthefish) #165

Hi @bartv just have a quick question...

I got my submission all done in time. currently uploaded and tagged are my main scene and half the collection of separate assets. but i'm still missing a few pieces.

so the ones that are missing are just assets from my final scene that I did not have time to upload separately.

I would like to finish uploading my pieces so that people can use them to build with in the next phase but I do not want to be disqualified for uploading late.

Can I upload the rest and just add them the collection ? or is what I have currently added to that the collection got locked in?

(Matthijs de Rijk) #166

For me the same question ^ Seperating and uploading all the seperate pieces took way longer than i anticipated. So I uploaded my scene in time, but i'm still working on uploading the assets

(Bart) #167

Yes that's okay. You cannot upload or change your final scene now anymore though.

(Daniel Slusarz) #168

hmmm. I deleted some models from my scene to limit 50k.

(Frankthefish) #169

Thats Awesome, Thankyou bartv :slight_smile:

(Justin Griffis) #170

@bartv Is it okay to adjust the position of the VR guy in your scene? I forgot to put him in the starting point of mine and did that just now. :pensive:

(Bart) #171

Yeah no problem. Just don't make any other changes to your scene anymore.

(Chromo Xy) #172

Hi @bartv, I truly hate myself. I tagged my scene with assets instead of scene. I just realized it and changed the tag properly. But I did not change anything in my scene. Uploading of the scene was in time though. Any risk of disqualification?

(Bart) #173

Oh no! The voting forms have already been sent to the judges last week. If your scene wasn't tagged until today, they you won't be part of the judging. I'm so sorry about that, but we DID communicate how to properly tag this several times, even including emailing every participant :-/

(Chromo Xy) #174

Oh shoot, but I did not receive any mail. What email was that about?

(Bart) #175

It was sent to you on October 29, with subject line 'Medieval Fantasy Deadline: Wednesday, November 1'

(Chromo Xy) #176

Sigh..I could not find such email..Regardless, good luck to all who made it :disappointed: