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Medieval Labyrinth

(Nomadking) #1

For my entry I'm going to make a set of Medieval Labyrinth assets. Mainly focusing on the structural assets (walls, floors and passages) the plan is to make everything needed for an infinitely tile-able labyrinth VR experience. Fun stuff!

Time to start figuring out how everything will fit together :slight_smile:

Update 1:
After some consideration about how everything will fit together I've decided that in it's simplest form, a single tile in my set will represent half of a corridor or passageway.

This allows for me to use a single set of assets to create both corridors that interconnect in interesting ways, and rooms of varying shapes, all from the same base set of tiles. Most of the tiles will follow this 'half' rule, but bigger tiles (2x1, 2x2) may be needed where splitting features isn't feasible. I'll also use a double walled designed that will cover most backfacing views and allow for me to have multiple heights without worry of 'seeing' through the rest of the area - this will be more clear when I start sharing some of the artwork.

I've also decided to keep my set entirely external. I will provide some doorways that could be used for entrance to internal areas should someone wish to attempt that when expanding the set, but for my purposes they will be purely cosmetic. Time to get sketching!

Final Update:
I've cleaned up the asset list to remove the things I didn't have time / budget to include, and added links to each model for easy access.

For anyone using the tileset, the sizing is based on a 6x6x6 unit tile, with the back walls extending above (typically to 7) to allow cover for floors meeting lower tiles from behind.

Asset List

Base Tiles
1. Wall
2. Floor
3. Inside Corner
4. Outside Corner
5. Wall Back
6. Wall Back 45
7. Wall Cap
8. Wall Cap Tall
9. Wall Cap Tall Inside
10. Wall Cap Tall Outside
11. Wall Gap Left
12. Wall Gap Right
13. Sunken Floor
14. Sunken Floor Edge
15. Sunken Floor Inside
16. Sunken Floor Outside
17. Stairs 1 Left
18. Stairs 1 Right
19. Stairs 2 Left
20. Stairs 2 Right
21. Stairs Mid
22. Doorway
23. Bridge Half
24. Bridge Mid
25. Pit
26. Ext Wall
27. Ext Wall Inside Corner
28. Ext Wall Outside Corner
29. Ext Wall Gap Left
30. Ext Wall Gap Right
31. Grass
32. Grass Corner
33. Grass Dirt 1
34. Grass Dirt 2

Large Details
1. Pillar
2. Tower
3. Tower Broken
4. Tower Half
5. Monolith
6. Tree 1

1. Door
2. Hinge
3. Portcullis
4. Portcullis Short
5. Spike Fence
6. Spike Fence Short
7. Large Door
8. Chain Base
9. Chain Link
10. Chain Loop
11. Chain Broken
12. Debris Metal 1
13. Debris Metal 2
14. Debris Metal 3


Congrats on being the first to join! :smiley: Looking forward to this!

(Nomadking) #3

Added some updates to the main post on my planning so far... still lots to do! :slight_smile:

(Bart) #4

Instructions for getting your Medieval Fantasy cardboard are in your PM messages Phil!

(Nomadking) #5

Despite my lack of updates, I've been busy working away on this. After a lot of rough iterations, I've finally managed to nail down the tile size, scale, and basic visual style of my pieces.

This is what a single wall section looks like:

And here are a few arranged into a basic corridor:

With the basic planning now figured out I can start firing out tile pieces and putting together some labyrinth-y goodness! :slight_smile:

(Nomadking) #6

We have a corner!

I've also been working on a few recolours of my palette in case people want to use them instead:



(Nomadking) #8

Finished the outside corner piece and uploaded a little test scene. Really happy with how this is coming along :slight_smile:

In the scene you can also see I've removed some of the detail from the backface of the outer walls - I realised this was going to cause some tiling issues in certain situations. You can also see a cap section in the center to give the areas between a more solid look and seal them off nicely.

Thinking about removing the feature rooms part and adding more corner options instead, but in the meanwhile it's on to doors, stairs and bridges! :wink:

(Feyfolken Km) #9

Wow :hushed:

(Nomadking) #10

Slowly plugging away at tiles. Now finished the wall caps to cover gaps of differing heights (like the side of stairs) and a set of sunken floor tiles(either for varying rooms or for a dried fountain area).

(Ben Hosac) #11

I love where this is headed. I can't wait to see more!

(Nomadking) #12

Thanks @huggmachine and @Feyfolken-Km :slight_smile:

Still lots to do!

(Victor Mateus) #13

VERY good man! xD

(Nomadking) #14

Todays update:

The doorway is finished and I've done a little work on some chain pieces to use as details in the scene. More metal stuff to come!

(Nomadking) #15

Some door & portcullis models:

(Nomadking) #16

It took some fighting, but we have some stairs!

This is quite a large set consisting of a Left, Right and Mid tile to allow quite grand stairs or stepped pyramid looks.

(Nomadking) #17

Uploaded my current sandbox scene to see how the new tiles look in real time:

Only a few main tiles to finish before I create my final layout :slight_smile: Then it's just a few details away from finished!

(Nomadking) #18

Here's my final piece:

And here's the collection of assets:

Medieval Labyrinth Assets by NomadKing on Sketchfab

The final poly count really hammered me at the end, forcing me to cut a lot of tile options, but I was still able to make an interesting scene in the end :slight_smile: