Medieval stray circus


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The tents are ready!

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ticket window

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This is looking goood!

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began to build a fence

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Also I need to build a cart with food, characters, trees, stones and grass

(Feyfolken Km) #30

Why "я", not "ю"? :slight_smile:

(Rusya Rusya) #31

Because I'm bulding the scene and I need continue) Sorry, I know english little

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List of characters:
* 1 ticket seller and 1 buyer,
* 1 married couple with child near the entrance,
* 1 fortune-teller and her client,
* in the center in front of a large tent circus performance: 1 musician, 1 clown, an acrobat walks on his hands, 1 acrobat on stilts and 5 spectators (2 married couples with children),
* near the tents on the right: 1 strongman, 1 knife thrower with 1 woman on the target, blower of fire and 4 spectators,
* 1 food vendor in a cart with food and 2 buyers,
* 1 rope walker and 3 spectators look at him,
* before the entrance to the big tent the circus master.

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The fence done

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What does that mean? :slight_smile:

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It will be the area of a stray circus, in the center in front of a large tent there will be a performance, characters will soon appear - circus artists and spectators

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"Благодарю" - russian "Thank you"

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ou, this is auto-translate) I know and speak russian)

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trade tent

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