Medieval stray circus



this looks good though!

(Rusya Rusya) #66

@seori, thanks! There are many more characters )))

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(Rusya Rusya) #69


Our viewer's wireframe and the polygon count should show quads if they were exported correctly. @waleguene any idea?

(Plasmaernst) #71

Hey Rusya, nice characters!
For me, it would be important to keep the hard shading of the models - makes them look more stylized. As far I remember, you can prevent triangulation when exporting with 3dsMax by turning "triangulate" off (obviously) and "preserve edge orientation" off (this can convert your Poly into a Mesh - which consists of Triangles).

(Rusya Rusya) #72

Thank you! I'm glad your like)
I will try to export by your advice

(Rusya Rusya) #73

thanks, @james! I will export how @plasmaernst asked

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power man

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@james The problem with quads is still not solved :disappointed_relieved: Please help me!

(Rusya Rusya) #76

Finaly I done it!:улыбка:

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my favorite character :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@bartv, hello. This color scheme and style are acceptable?

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These characters are magnificent! Keep up the great work, this looks beautiful!