Meetup: Madrid, Wednesday March 11 - I need your help

(Bart) #1

I'm traveling to Madrid to participate in the 3D Printshow, and I'm hosting an 'official' Sketchfab meetup for our community there! You can find details and RSVP on our Meetup page.

As I don't know my way around Madrid, I could use some local support to pick a nice spot to meet. Who's willing to check out some nice bars for me and help me select one? smile

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(Andy lewis) #2

Yeah! I'll help. Just send me a ticket and I'll do a bar crawl! smiley

(Bart) #3

Update: the 3D Print Show and my hotel are in this area - it would be good to pick a location in the neighborhood.

(Ruben Jeronimo Fernandez) #4

I know some good places for this meetup.

(Bart) #5

Cool! In general, I like hanging out with people in bars. It depends a bit on the group size, but I'd guess 10-20 people might turn up. So maybe something not too large, not too loud?

On the other hand, I had a great meetup earlier this week at a co-working space. It was quiet, they served coffee and drinks and I could us a projector to tell my story.

(Bart) #6

@ruben_jeronimo_ferna please also take a quick look at our meetup guidelines document, it might give you some good idea.

(Ruben Jeronimo Fernandez) #7

hi Bart, I think Utopicus is a good place for that. it´s a coworking place in Madrid with bar and a place for tell your story. did you talk with Bea?

(Bart) #8

Cool! Yeah she did mention it, but I wanted to hear from you too if you liked the spot smile I'll invite her over here so we can work a little more efficiently.

(Ruben Jeronimo Fernandez) #9

sooo cool!!! can I start to tell people that we have a meetup soon?? do you have some kind of flyer or something like that?
utopicus are nice place for the meetup and we can have a good sketch-party!
please, send me again the google map link of your hotel. I don´t know why but the navigator said me that all is blank.

(Bart) #10

Is the map above not showing? I'm close to the 'Palacio de Comunicaciones'.

You're welcome to start inviting people and I'll prepare a flyer for you once we have confirmed the location ok?

(Ruben Jeronimo Fernandez) #11

ok. I´m starting to tell the people

(Bart) #12

Great! I just emailed our members in and around Madrid - around 225 people. I think you got an email too smile

(Ruben Jeronimo Fernandez) #13

great Bart! too many people, good work!!!
I mailed many people too. I think it could be a good party