Merging Photoscan Models

I have 2 Photoscan models of 2 fragments of a Maya glyph panel. I can position them correctly in meshlab, but when I merge (flatten) them, I get a mesh without the photographic texture. Is there a way to get a single model with the texture?

Use at least Blender for merge two objects with different surface properties.

I’ve moved your question to the ‘3D Scanning and Photogrammetry’ forum.

I am not skilled with Blender. Can you please outline the procedure. Thanks.

Sorry, i’m not Blender user. But this task can do any serious 3D modeler (and Blender is free).

This is actually not so easy to do. Using blender you can find some tutorials but it’s not a simple push of a button, as far as I know the only software that you can use to make this really simple is netfabb.

If you send me the original two models, I’ll take a closer look and offer some solutions.

I finally got the results I needed. Oriented the models in meshlab. Combined them in Blender; but the export did not contain the texture. I was able to add the texture jpg files in sketchfab. I still don’t understand how to export merged models from Blender or from meshlab with the texture preserved. I am waiting for approval from the archaeologist to make the models public, but you can see similar examples at and

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For Blender, you can “pack external data in .blend file”:

For meshlab I’m not sure, I’ll need to take a closer look.

In MeshLab it is too complicated:
After aligning two layers,
Merge this two layers in new one.
Compute new UV with Voronoi Atlas (it take too much time for 100000-200000 tris, for 1-1.5mln it probably will need infinity for finish)
After this transfer textures from old layers to new. And because it probably work only between 2 layers, you can’t transfer from first 2 to 3rd.

In Lightwave3D (probably in MODO, and i hope other commercial 3D apps) you just open 2 objects, rename objects materials to Mat1 and Mat2 and merge layers to 1 layer. And as result you have 1 object with 2 different materials.
Other probably can merge 2 UVs to one UDIM UV.

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James post interesting sketchfab “hack” that can work for your situation too:

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Seems it more people then me that thinks it´s way to complicated to merge photoscans with textures. Got a great answer from James that is a little bit on the way, but I really would like a feuture so I can import more model with textures and move them around in Sketchfab.

Nothing complicated if you work in 3D before photogrammetry made first steps.

BTW, this is common problem, that people start learn photogrammetry without any knowledge of 3D or 3D for realtime engines.

Thank you all.

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