Mermaid Character

I am working on a submarine themed game with some friends and thought a mermaid would make a great side project. Since I cant draw I started with the concept/ base model straight in 3D. My goal is a slightly stylized look but with correct anatomy, so I am always happy about critiques. I have no particular design in mind, just want to see where this is going.

This is my first post here so I hope the formatting is fine. If there is a preview button, i havent found it yet

Concept for clothes which will probably change in the future

I already started refining the head



Work on the torso. Currently aiming for a slim and athletic body type.


looks great reminds me of the series “siren” :wink:

Loving how the body is coming out! Nice work!

Thank you guys!
Though I probably postpone the horror path for a later version haha :smile: @shaderbytes

Started work on the fishtail. Due to the elongated torso and the low entry at the transition I decided to raise the crotch area a bit

Also I experimented with darker color and contrast compared to the concept


In addition I made small revisions to the the head due to some lines I disliked in front view. Mainly worked on the cheeks to change the volume


this is all very hi-poly stuff, it looks great but im mostly looking forward to the game ready version , with details and textures baked down so i can view it it in 3d :wink:

chat soon

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Update on the torso. Tried to improve on the things advised to me, mostly ribcage shape and position.

For clothing I decided to change the concept somewhat.The golden accessoirs were quite cool so I put more focus on that now. The belt thingy now sits around the fishtail rather than the belly and is quite large

Overview with new color scheme


It´s been a while. Again! ^^ Spent some time finding a good pose and lighting for the character and decided to go with this one. Is she a warrior or priestess? I don´t know haha
Unfortunately I have to remodel the hair. Usually I like to sculpt the hair but for the underwater wavy look I tried using stripes instead. However, I started out far too small, which could work from far away but is way too time consuming and polygon heavy. So I´ll try to improve this and hopefully get to the final cleanup round afterwards

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Holy smokes, this is awesome!
Also, is it intentionally matte? I think it would benefit from less roughness making her look a bit more slick

@ostapblendercg Thank you xD
Do you mean the skin or the overall character? I experimented with the roughness a bit but I couldn´t get more gloss onto the skin. I think it´s due to the lighting setup or maybe I have to properly setup indirect lighting in Blender EEVEE

I finally finished the model! I decided some glowing elements would benefit the scene since it looked kind of empty.
Here is a render in Blender EEVEE.

And here´s the sketchfab adaptation. Tried my best to mimic the scene in blender, however I was missing some lightsources^^

And just for fun I think the metallic channel looks kinda cool as well^^