Mesh geometry rumpled (in animated model)

(Pxltiger) #1

The picture shows examples of normal and crumpled geometry.

When importing FBX with animation length 120 frames - there is a bug
Then the FBX with length of the animation 60 frames - no bug
But with different animations it shows differently, with a static model without animation everything is ok.
Reducing the size of the model (scene) 100 times did not help.
Maybe this is not a bug, but with other models this was not. (published with bug) (draft without bug)


I’m having trouble seeing the issue, the wireframe looks the same to me in both models and both static or animated.

(Pxltiger) #3

I meant that if upload this model as static mesh without animations then ok.
Step by step:
In 3dsMax, the animated model is fine. I Export the model to the FBX file, upload this FBX to the Sketchfab and Sketchfab shows the model with rumpled mesh. But if import this FBX to the Unity or 3ds max everything is ok with mesh.
after the tests, I found out that the Sketchfab shows a model with a wrinkled mesh only when the model is animated and only with some animations.


@waleguene can you have a look? :pray:

(Waleguene) #5

@pxltiger I had a look et it’s a geometry compression issue, and it’s triggered by the animation itself.
The reason why the 120 frames animation is buggy and not the 60 frames one is not the length, my guess is that in the 120 frames version, the head is moving much more so the bounding box of the whole model is expanded.
This bounding box is used to define compression parameters so we compress differently the two models, and the 120 frames has compression artifacts.

I’m adding a ticket to see how we can adress this issue, and we will see if we can find a workaround so that you can fix the model while we work on a fix.

Thanks for reporting!

(Pxltiger) #6

I realized that this is not a bug, so mark request as ‘Solved’
Based on this, I upload the model in a static pose with the pivot in the center and the animation that expanded the bounding box in to the folder /animations and it worked! Mesh is OK!
Big Thanks for the help!