Mesh gets partly green and also half invisible when importing?


(Miesmud) #1

Hey, I have a very strange problem with a mesh I am trying to upload. Some parts get invisible, and other parts get green. Even when I add textures it's still green. When I turn off transparency the invisble parts get black.

My file is an FBX file, and acts normal in every other program (I tried importing it in Maya and Unity). When I uploaded it as obj everything was fine, but obj doesn't have animations. So I really want this FBX to work.

What could be the problem? :frowning:

I made some screenshots of what it looks like right now:

Without changing anything:

The wire frame:

After adding my textures and turning off transparency:

And I noticed the outline did weird when I selected the broken material.

(Miesmud) #2

I already found the problem... It had vertex colors turned on for some reason, when I turned it off everything acted normal again. :sweat_smile:

How can I delete/ close this forum post???


Glad you figured it out. Yes, rogue vertex colors can cause issues like that as they are mixed with the diffuse color.

You can "solve" a thread in the Support category, you probably need to click the "..." to see more options: