Mesh going lumpy in the corners?


(Jodiefairhall) #1

Hi guys,

I'm modelling a laptop in Maya and exporting as fbx to upload to Sketchfab.

The corners look fine in Maya, but when I upload to SFab the corners go really lumpy and look dented. I've tried smoothing, setting the normals to 30 degrees, and adding more edge loops but nothing seems to be working.

Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong? I've tried Googling but can't find any answers... :pensive:

(Mrchlblng) #2

@jodiefairhall I can't tell for sure but looking at one of your model, our processing logs report that the geometry has some null normals. In this case we drop the provided normals and recompute them (with a 45° crease angle). I suspect it could that that our normals are not very smooth here.
Could you make sure that you don't have null normals in your upload?