Mesh normals distorted in Sketchfab, but not Substance Painter


(Evangilbert) #1

My model in Substance looks fine, but when imported into Sketchfab the normals are distorted in some locations. I am not sure why this is the case. Any ideas?

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @evangilbert,

I’m not really familiar with this workflow but the issue seems to come from the data.
Also the artifacts are kind of located where edges would be added if model was triangulated so my guess it that substance tesselated the model during import, so it’s a bit different of the one you uploaded to Sketchfab (which has quads).
Now it’s not clear if the issue comes from the UV data or if using substance version (tesselated) would give the right result.

Substance Painter has an integrated Sketchfab exporter, could you give a try and see if it fixes the issue ?

(Evangilbert) #3

Hi @waleguene,

I tried the Substance export feature and the model still has the same issues. I will see what I can figure out and post an update in a bit.

EDIT: It turns out that I forgot when importing into Substance, it will automatically triangulate the mesh. For some reason Maya and Substance disagreed on the way it should be triangulated and while it looked fine in Substance, it was distorted in Sketchfab. In this particular instance I have to use the Maya triangulated version. You were correct @waleguene. This is the first time I have ever run into this issue before, but nevertheless this has solved my issue.