Metalness workflow - How to apply color (red color) on AlbedoPBR (colormap )?


Please find attached .json file Save (1.5 KB) .

I am using PBR meatless work flow. I am using AlbedoPBR to apply color map.

I want to apply any color (hex code) on top of the AlbedoPBR map. The problem is, when I am trying to apply color, the AlbedoPBR map got removed and color applied on the Model.

Please let me know, how can I apply both together?

Applying Albedo color on top of Albedo texture is not supported.

A simple way would be to test if using emissive channel is sufficient in your case and add color there, but that won’t give the same effect.

Otherwise the only way is to tint the texture yourself and submit “tinted texture” yourself, see this sample code Viewer API - Examples - Sketchfab