Metashape origin shifted after upload


In metashape I set the origin of my model to my liking, but then, after I upload it to sketchfab, the origin (point of rotation) is shifted. It looks like it is shifted to some kind of center of mass of the data. How does this work?

kind regards

Not 100% sure on how the origin is calculated (It’s either 0,0,0 in your scene or centre of mass as you indicated), but you can reset this in the 3D settings by double clicking somewhere on your model to make that the new point of rotation.

Thnx for your answer… hmm yes something seems to change when double clicking. But this ‘rotation sphere’ or whatever it is called, stays in the same place, which doesnt make navigation particlarly intuitive. In metashape I put the sphere dead center of the object, so that if you put the mouse on the right side of the object and pull down, the object pulls down and not sideways up or somehting… Hmmm I’ll have to dig into this some more…