MFC WIP Interior


(Johannes) #1

I'll be focusing on the creation of various environmental assets that can be used within the projects! :smiley:

Update: This project has turned out fairly different from where i imagined, so I think it feels more like that of a students/scholars space

(Johannes) #2

First pass on greyboxing the interior out, figuring out layouts and what-not

(Bart) #3

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Johannes) #4

a quick update on the progress, had to take a bit of time off due to some health problems. But hopefully ill be able to finish up by tomorrow night :smile: D cuttin it close but this should be good

(Johannes) #5

gonna add those finishing touches soon :smiley:

(Johannes) #6

Got it done, a little last min but it's done! Check out the Scholar's Room Interior

Asset pack is on its way!