Miami Wasteland work in progress


(Kharling) #1

I started this diorama as a semester long project and I'm adding to it over the summer. It is based on an alternate history, a nuclear plant meltdown in 1986 forces the people of Florida to leave the state. The government closes it off for 100 years until the over population and lack of housing forces people to move back. Feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(Dark Minaz) #2

Alright, so what i don't really get is what state this should be in.
So according to your story 1986 people evacuated + radiation, so the setting looks probably accurate (according to my google and gta vice city knowledge)
Now 100 years later, in 2086 people would go back.

So first, why would this still be powered by electric, abandoned places get shut off the grid, not paying would also get it shot off. I don't think in 70 years that will change.

If electric and rent gets payed and this is sort of "i just got back" setting of "i got this from my grandpa and i am reopening, let me check if things are still running" id add a futuristic car to show that.

What is also a bit inconsistent is how broken/old things are, this is after 30 years, 100 would probably have a lot more plants and more natural system back in place. So it's way to clean for that.

What would help to get more feedback is perhaps some screenshots, simpler to study a few pictures than the sometimes not optimal youtube quality and rebuffering :slight_smile:
but i quite like the music, quite fits the theme

(Kharling) #3

Thanks! I did want to add more decay and vegetation. I'm still learning those things. The original intention was that the palm tree would be growing up through the back of the building but I'm still working on that. I also wanted to create a generator to have the electricity part make more sense. I want to add a table inside and other items as well. You can see more screenshots and individual props on my artstation page Here I'm still adding to the page at the moment.


I love the concept! Very Fallout!

I think that if everything was just abandoned in 1986, wouldn't it still be powered by electric? My understanding was that this piece was to represent it being "frozen in time" in 1986 so it's not like it would instantly be 2086 technology. Maybe a cool thing would be to add in a lone person who looks anachronistically, in a futuristic sense, out of place?

And I agree with @dark_minaz, more decay especially of the radioactive kind would be cool to see.

In terms of the music, maybe 80s music to represent the era? The 40s/50s music works well for say, Fallout, because that's the era that it was last left in but it'd be cool to experiment with that too. Nevertheless, I love that kind of music so it's not a deal breaker :wink:

Would love to see this in Sketchfab, getting up close and personal to the details would be a trip!

(Kharling) #5

Thank you so much :slight_smile: I'm just starting to learn character modelling and I'd love to add a futuristic character to it. I wanted to use 80's music but just could not find something that fit. I put a reference to Jenny (867-5309) in the phone booth which I have up on sketchfab
Is there a way I can get the whole scene up on here? I could share the UE4 project file but it's quite large.


Hm, does it not work when you try and upload it? I feel like I've seen some pretty big and high-poly count pieces on Sketchfab.

(Kharling) #7

Yes I figured it out, just have to get all the material files together. Thanks for letting me know about this option, I'll update with a link soon.

(Kharling) #8

I uploaded the model but can't get all the textures working, some of them have opacity and 2 and 3 way textures in UE4 that I cant seem to duplicate here,