Microsoft Edge Only Plays One 3d Sound


(Skyeshark) #1

I noticed whilst running tests on my sound contest submission that Microsoft Edge will only play one of the 3d sounds. On my submission, it plays the non-3d sound and then only plays the first 3d sound you encounter, ignoring the rest when you move about.


Hmm, @paul_sketch ?

(Paul Sketch) #3

This one I cannot reproduce
( tested on and juste rotated the camera so that I was either near the door or the reactors, etc. And I got the all sounds playing)

Note that there is some audio bug on tab change on Edge that will be fixed on next release, along with sound audio positionning, etc. that could be the indirect source of this bug

(Skyeshark) #4

Well, likely some issue with my version of Edge (maybe I need to update).... or what you said, thanks for checking it out though!